Is there anything better than a thick, juicy burger? Topped with crunchy gherkin, crisp tomatoes and a zesty aioli sauce. Or stuffed with fried onion rings and a tangy barbecue dressing. Are you drooling yet? We are!

So really, the only thing better than a burger, is another burger. This is something Australian chefs know to be true – and as you make your way from burger joint to cafe to food carts on the street around Sydney, you’ll see that all these burger creators are trying to outdo one another (some went so far to stand out that they created Pokemon inspired burgers during the Pokemon-Go mania).

You stand to reap the rewards (aka, delicious burgers) from Australia’s sweeping burger craze. Get your stomachs ready, today we are going to take you on a tour of the best burgers in Western Sydney.
Where are the best burgers in Western Sydney? We’ll show you…

Superior Burger
The name suggests that it is home to some of the best burgers in Sydney – but does the burger live up to the name? Oh, absolutely. This restaurant gets its naturally raised beef right from the Hunter Valley and is free of unhealthy hormones and chemicals. The vegetables are also local, in fact, they’re from right down the road in Horsley Park. You can feel good about eating this burger.

Chur Burger
If you want gourmet you go Chur. This menu boasts everything from your standard burger down to THE CHUR BEAST – a double grilled beef, double bacon, double cheese, tomato jam, barbecue sauce, and mustard mayo behemoth. If you aren’t full after that, you can top it off with a Chur milkshake, yum!
Give the American Dream a try, and you won’t be able to stop dreaming about it until you go again!

Juicy Burger
Okay with a name like Juicy Burger, you better be bringing the flavour. And it does – the head chef found a way to fuse American and Australian flavours together that makes a taste so unique it could start its own revolution. Give the American Dream a try, and you won’t be able to stop dreaming about it until you go again!

We don’t mean to toot our own horn … but if you haven’t checked out the burger on the menu at our very own, Zest, then you’re missing out! The Zest Burger is 180g of grass fed beef on a milk bun, dripping with jalapeno cheese, pickles, slaw and onion sauce. Need we say more? We bet you’re already on your way to order this treat.

Let’s face it, everyone likes burgers, even vegetarians and vegans can join the craze when they indulge in something like a mushroom burger! They’re good for the soul – come sample these burgers and see which is going to top your charts.

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