Buy the new shoes. Dig into that delicious burger. Adopt that puppy. There are a million and a half reasons to treat yourself, but in case you’re having trouble coming up with one, here are four of the best. Sometimes, you just have to treat yourself.

1. Because you survived a trying week If you had one of those weeks where your bad day turned into several, then you need to treat yourself before it turns into a bad month (or even a year). Giving yourself that little reward will help you shake off the tension and get you ready to take on the next day.

2. Because you got that raise Getting that raise means you’ve been working hard and you’re accomplishing your goals. Your boss is recognising your dedication to your job, so why don’t you give yourself some recognition as well? When you reward yourself for a job well done, you’re only motivating yourself to work hard for your next goal as well. Plus, you just got a raise, so you can afford it after all. In a way, treating yourself is essential for survival.

3. Because you’re only human All humans love surprises, even when they’re coming from themselves. Enjoying something out of the ordinary is almost always going to improve your mood. Humans need to keep engaging themselves with new things and experiences otherwise we can burn out. In a way, treating yourself is essential for survival.

4. Because it’s your birthday Of course! If you’re one of those people who don’t think their birthday is important, then consider this: you matter. If you weren’t born then you wouldn’t be able to bring the love and joy to all the friendships and relationships you’ve created over the years. And you impact everyone you meet, so why wouldn’t you celebrate the day you were born?

Gather all your friends and family with us here at Eat St. We have a delicious drink and food menu making for the perfect way to indulge. And, with plenty of open space and seating, we can easily accommodate large groups so you don’t have to leave anyone out! An evening of good food, drinks and memories is really the ultimate way to treat yourself.

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