Music is awesome. It has the ability to pick you up, or set your mood in general. But there are just some songs that flow through you like electricity – it could come on a hundred times in a row and you’d feel it each and every time.

Of course, that song is different from person to person.

From rock, to metal, to pop-reggae, the music we listen to says something about our personalities. Today, we explore what your taste in music says about who you are – check it out!

Pop and hip-hop

If you’re a pop prince or princess, you are extremely outgoing and you know it. You’re one of those people who is very honest and outspoken, but you’re a charmer, there’s no doubt about that! The hip-hop side of you gives you that high-self esteem that really brings out your confidence as you work a room.


If you’re a rock fan then you are likely very laid-back and easygoing. There’s nothing quite like the classic bands, but some of the new sounds have some potential! You might have been a little disgruntled to hear Harry Styles’ new album, switching from pop to a more classic rock vibe, but you’re too easy-going to get that mad about it, aren’t you?


Ah country. There’s not a song in the genre that doesn’t depict a life of simplicity and love. But make no mistake, these people are quite hard-working individuals – they get the job done. As a result, listeners of this music tend to be uncomplicated people who cherish the little things in life!


Those who listen to classical music are notorious for being highly intelligent. This group can be somewhat introverted, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have high self-esteem!


If you’re into these genres, you’re probably a pretty deep thinker whether that means a thorough soul searching, or a practical sit-down trying to solve world hunger. You’re extroverted and love to vocalise your worldly opinions to your friends, or even new people you encounter.

Heavy metal

This one might surprise you. Despite heavy metal being pretty loud and intense, the people who listen to it tend to be more shy and relatively delicate. These people have a stunning creative side, so you can expect unique ideas to come from them.

There’s no better way to experience your favourite music than live, up close and personal. Keep an eye on our entertainment What’s On Guide to see when your favourite acts are coming to town.

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