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Can you handle the Carolina Reaper?


Sydney are you ready to take on the Chur Burger Ring of Fire Challenge? Containing Jalepeno, Habanero and the world’s hottest pepper the Carolina Reaper measuring over 1.5million Scoville heat units??

The Ring of Fire is set to make even the toughest of the tough-guys cry and beg for an icy cold drink of relief!

First we pack our succulent beef pattie with hot chilli seasoning then grill till medium, juicy and glistening with red heat.

Then we top with Habanero Cheese, fresh sliced Jalepeno, and Carolina Reaper the world’s hottest pepper, layere on extra cheese and a touch more chilli and you’ve got a challenge.

Still not hot enough for ya? We’ll add lashings of “Hot as Hell Sauce” and a little slaw dressed in hot sauce aioli.

Can you handle the heat?

Can you handle the meat?

Will you make the Wall of Fame?

DISCLAIMER: Some people have a higher tolerance for chilli than others, however there is a risks that this burger may not sit well in your tummy and you should proceed with caution. All customers who choose to order The Ring of Fire must sign a waiver at the counter accepting the risks involved in eating the burger.

This burger is NOT appropriate for:

The elderly

The pregnant

Those with high blood pressure or heart problems

Those with weak stomachs or irritable bowel syndrome

Anyone under the age of 18 years old.

The Burger so hot it comes with it’s own safety warning. Do you dare take on the Ring of Fire?

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The Ring of Fire is available exclusively at Chur Burger Rooty Hill, Made By The Hill…the home of the best burgers in Western Sydney