Take your drinking experience to the next level by trying flavour-infused beers. Here are some of the most delicious beverages to keep an eye out for.

The humble beer is reaching new heights in Australia thanks to the recent trend of infusing different flavours into brews. Now, alongside hops you can also taste all things fruity, spicy and sweet. Here are a few of the most exciting flavours to look out for in craft beers.


Honey can be the perfect addition to beer, as it ferments easily and adds a unique flavour. The Matilda Bay Brewing Company’s Beez Neez Honey wheat ale is a handcrafted beer which has been elevated with the addition of a light amber honey. The honey aroma and flavour makes the beer refreshing and crisp. Fruit Craft breweries have started exploring all of the different fruity options for giving


Craft breweries have started exploring all of the different fruity options for giving beer some extra flavour. Citrus-infused beers work particularly well, as grapefruit, orange and lemon all complement hops to perfection. One beer with a tangy twist is the Grapefruit Session Ale produced by the Fury and Son Brewing Company. This ale used fresh, unprocessed grapefruit juice to give the beverage a light, citrusy flavour. Meanwhile, the Australian Hotel and Brewery has recently come out with a refreshing sour beer infused with the flavours of tart Kiwi fruit. The sweet and sour taste of this beer is unique and slightly surprising to the palate, so it’s a great one to try if you want to shake things up a little! Honey can be a delicious flavour in beer.


One of the most delectable flavoured beers you can try is one spiced gingerbread-style, which is sweetly reminiscent of Christmas. Young Henry’s created a limited edition of a Spiced Pumpkin Ale, which takes the element of spice, mixes it with pumpkins grown in Queensland sunshine and adds both to a brew, to come up with a truly unique beverage. This is one that no words can describe – you’ll just have to try it yourself!


Tea-infused beers are taking off in Australia. It might seem odd to combine two completely different beverages, but the flavour combination works exceptionally. Marble Beer’s Emelisse Earl Grey IPA brings the bergamot notes of Earl Grey into play alongside hops in this tasty pale ale. The tea is worked into the fermentation process, leading to a dry and complex beer.

Now we’ve got your attention with this list of intriguing and delicious flavour-infused beers, why not start thinking about sampling them for yourself? Come and taste them in style at Eat St. Bar.

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