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In June of 2010 Rooty HILL RSL launched a campaign for its own Postcode. For over a year and a half we have asked, begged and pleaded to get what we believe is our right... a PostCode for one of Australia’s most iconic clubs.

With our multitude of restaurants, a 160 room 4.5 star hotel, an AMF bowling centre, the largest gym in western Sydney and over 45,000 members surely it is only fair that we should get a Postcode of our own when tiny towns in the middle of nowhere can have one. Even Parliament house in Canberra with a few hundred sitting members has a PostCode yet no one would come to the party.

So now we have taken matters into our own hands.

Now we will launch our own PostCode to the world.


No more will we be shackled by the PostCode rules.

Now we make our stand and announce that we have not one but two PostCodes of our own...

Now we launch

In every bar in Rooty Hill RSL you will now be able to walk up and say “Give me a PostCode” and we can deliver it to exactly where a PostCode needs to be – in your hand heading to a spot just above your bottom lip. Come in to the club and support the cause, because now it’s your turn to say “Give me a PostCode”