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At Rooty Hill RSL, we’re celebrating you!

From Monday – Friday, four names will be picked every day for freebies!

There’s burgers, shakes, wings and more on offer.

Wednesday 23rd May


  • Charles (Charlie)
  • Steph (Stephanie)
  • Dean
  • Katrina
  • Treat Yourself to a Chur OG Chicken Burger on us!

Coming Soon:

  • Thursday 24th May: Dylan, Samuel, Laura & Margaret
  • Friday 25th May: Ron, Joel, Kathleen & Fiona

Past Names:

  • Tuesday 3rd April: Michael (or Mike), Ellie, Simone & Jake (or Jacob)
  • Wednesday 4th April: Aaron (or Aron), Lily, Tim & Joanne
  • Thursday 5th April: Brendon, Sarah, Monica & Renato
  • Friday 6th April: Chris, Vivian, Scott & Christine
  • Monday 9th April: Jack, Kim, Summer & Richard
  • Tuesday 10th April: Steven, Julie, Ahmed & Melissa
  • Wednesday 11th April: Damien, Linda, Gary & Rebecca
  • Thursday 12th April: Brian, Georgia, Ray & Rachael
  • Friday 13th April: Craig, Jane, Robert & Marie/a
  • Monday 16th April: Josh, Erica, Kyle & Debbie
  • Tuesday 17th April: Patrick, Renee, John & Taylor
  • Wednesday 18th April: Adam, Olivia, Wayne & Sophie/a
  • Thursday 19th April:  Daniel, Danielle, Madison & Alex
  • Friday 20th April: James, Jess, Ernesto & Heidi
  • Monday 23rd April: Anthony, Karen, Will & Amy
  • Tuesday 24th April: David, Elizabeth, Matthew & Amanda
  • Wednesday 25th April: Peter, Nicole, Nathan & Jennifer
  • Thursday 26th April: Andrew, Michelle, Mark, Kathrine
  • Friday 27th April: Paul, Mary, Jason & Patricia
  • Monday 30th April: Brad, Sharon, Luke & Belinda
  • Tuesday 1st May: Joe, Susan, Ben & Emma
  • Wednesday 2nd May: Ian, Lisa, Kylie & George
  • Thursday 3rd May: Nick, Samantha, Greg & Natalie
  • Friday 4th May: Ryan, Tracey, Donna & Darren
  • Monday 7th May: Glenn, Sandra, Phil & Vickie
  • Tuesday 8th May: Kevin, Angela, Brett & Leanne
  • Wednesday 9th May: Shane, Kelly, Anna & Allan
  • Thursday 10th May: Tom, Vanessa, Colin & Robyn
  • Friday 11th May: Geoff, Dianne, Carol & Justin
  • Monday 14th May: Jose, Megan, Simon & Jackie
  • Tuesday 15th May: Martin, Alison, Troy & Kerry
  • Wednesday 16th May: Mitch, Cheryl, Adrian & Louise
  • Thursday 17th May: Blake, Hayley, Emily & Grant
  • Friday 18th May: Dennis, Lauren, Sean, Helen
  • Monday 21st May: Neil, Bruce, Jordan & Pam
  • Tuesday 22nd May: Ed, Natasha, Bianca & Graham

Are you a Charles, Steph, Dean & Katrina? Head to Rooty Hill RSL TODAY from 12pm to 10pm, and Treat Yourself to a FREE Chur ‘OG’ Chicken Burger!

How to claim:

  • Present your eligible membership card to the TGR Lounge.
  • Collect your voucher.
  • Present your voucher to Chur Burger today only, from midday to 10pm to claim your burger!
  • Dig in!

Follow our socials for the daily names, and if yours comes up, just show your membership card with the correct name, and claim the reward!

Not a member? Join for just $7.50 on the day to claim!

Terms and Conditions apply, see website reception for details.


What are the free items?
Check back daily for what item is up for offer each day!

I’m not a member but it’s my name day, can I have a freebie?
This promotion is valid for members only. Non-members are more than welcome to join on their name day in order to claim the free item.

Will you accept other spellings?
Common spelling variations will be accepted. The website will list examples and the team in the TGR Lounge will have final discretion.  Members whose name is not included on the list on the website will not be able to claim.

Can I just show my member card to Chur Burger or the other outlets?

No, members must claim their voucher from the TGR Lounge first. Only vouchers will be accepted for claim at any outlet.

Can I claim more than once?
No, it is one item per person only.