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Discover the very best Rooty Hill RSL has to offer.

United Nations Comedy Flyer

Just Another Entertainment Company & Dom Arpa Productions bring you the very best of Ethnic comedy in a 2 Hour spectacular with headlining comedians Joe Avati & George Kapiniaris who are joined by Gabriel Rossi, Frida Deguise, Umit Bali & Joe Comino.

One of the stars of UN show is international comedy superstar Joe Avati whose brilliant comic timing and spot on observations about family life and social interactions have made him a worldwide comedy sensation. He truly is one of Australia’s best comedians.

George Kapiniaris is one of this country’s best-loved comedians, having had an incredible impact on Australian popular culture over the last 30 years with TV show Acropolis Now, Star of Wogs Out Of Work, Straight Outta Compo, George is one of the Pioneers of Ethnic Comedy in this country.

Gab Rossi

Gabriel Rossi is arguably Australia’s No.1 musical parody writer. He brings you the ethnic versions of Justin Bieber, Adele & more.

With Italian heritage and being a proud Aussie as well, Gabriel sincerely has the best of both worlds with his comedy meaning no-one is really safe from his light-hearted and well-researched jibes.

The fun doesn’t stop here with Australia’s funniest Frida Deguise, Umit Bali & Joe Comino.

Frida Deguise is smashing any stereotypes people might have of Muslim women in comedy. She is funny and outspoken, breaking down preconceptions with her explosive comedy act.

Umit Bali tells stories and jokes about friendships, family and culture. Umit’s positivity and cheerfulness, mixed with his breakneck speed delivery make his comedy infectious.

Joe Comino’s hilarious comedy material combined with outstanding stage presence makes him a very strong comic. As soon as Joe walks on stage, and has spoken few words the crowd knows they are in for a cracker of a night. The stories he tells of past and present are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.