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Discover the very best Rooty Hill RSL has to offer.

Were you a nerds kid or more like a Wizz Fizz fan?

Did you eat Redskins just to look at your red tongue in the mirror.

Did you run to the food table at every birthday party just to devour the fairy bread before anyone else could?

Whatever your memory, we’ve brought it to life…just in an adults-only 18+ version!

These cocktails will have you hopscotching and reaching for your Walkman as you reminisce about the good old days.

The line up: 

Fo’ Wizz Fizzle

Alize, lemon juice, lemonade, wizz fizz $14 for one or 2 for $22

Seeing Redskins

Strawberry liqueur, watermelon liqueur, grenadine, lemon & lime juice, egg white. Served with a Redskin. $14 for one or 2 for $22

Nerds are Grape

Vok parfait amour, alize, lemon juice, nerds, blended and served in a martini glass. Served with mini Nerds. $14 for one or 2 for $22 

I believe in Fairy..Bread

Jim beam honey, baileys, Chambord, Frangelico, served in a martini glass with 100’s and 1000’s. $14

Bring your BFF and enjoy 2 for $22 all throughout the month of “Treat Yourself”

Only at Made By The Hill, available any day, anytime