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By popular demand, Dragon is back to celebrate Countdown – 80’s UK Chartbusters in a massive 2-hour concert



The 80’s UK Chartbusters takes some of Dragon’s favourite songs, by the bands they respect the most for a massive party jam-packed with hits!

Classic hits from bands like Queen, Tears for Fears, The Police, Madness and Duran Duran are just some of those that have made it onto the setlist for the tour.

For bassist Todd Hunter, it has been an exciting undertaking pulling the tour set list together. “We just love those songs and those bands,” he says. The UK music scene was very vibrant in the 80s and there was a changing of the guard from bands and artists that were around in the 70s, to people who emerged in the UK in the 80s. We have tried to keep that in mind with our song choices.”

Of course, in any Dragon show, no set-list would be complete without the band’s own chart-toppers, and the 80s UK Chartbusters tour will also feature the best of Dragon.

Audiences can expect to hear smash hits such as:
April Sun in Cuba, Rain, Young Years, Still in Love, Dreams of Ordinary Men and Are You Old Enough.

Don’t miss this trip down memory lane as Dragon celebrates Countdown 80’s UK Chartbusters. Get your tickets now.