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Since the number 8 is considered lucky in Chinese, we have put together a list of 8 facts you may not know about CHinese New Year

1. Unlike Western New Year celebrations that take place on a fixed date, Chinese New Year falls between Jan 21 and Feb 20, meaning it can fall on a total of 31 different dates. 2016 will fall on Feb 8, although the entire festival last for 15 days.

2. Despite falling in the middle of winter, Chinese New Year is actually known as Spring Festival in China!

3. As Chinese New Year is traditionally a family oriented day, it is estimated that as many as 200 million people travel home to see their family, causing traffic chaos across the country in the lead up.

4. Red is considered to be a very lucky colour in China, and houses, streets and public places will usually be decked out in red decorations for the occasion.

5. Red envelopes containing money are usually given to younger family members as gifts for Chinese New Year.

6. Just like our own celebrations, fireworks are a big part of Chinese New Year. Fireworks are considered to scare of evil spirits, and hundreds of thousands of fireworks displays will be organised (not including the many that will be set off in people homes).

7. The Chinese expression for Happy New Year is Xinnian Kuaile, pronounced sshin–nyen kwhy–luh.

8. Cleaning ones house is considered good luck for Chinese New Year, as it is believed to clean out any negativity from ones house, and make them more likely to have good luck in the New Year. Failure to do this is believed to have the opposite effect.

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