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Friday 15th September 2017

  • Time: 8pm
  • Tickets: $20

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Caitlyn Shadbolt & Melanie Dyer When two of the hottest young artists in music right now get together for a run of shows it’s guaranteed to be one of the highlight tours of the year. CAITLYN SHADBOLT and MELANIE DYER announce their ‘Fresh From Our Sleeve’ tour following the release of number one charting singles for both artists – ‘My Break Up Anthem’ from Caitlyn’s debut album, ‘Songs From My Sleeve’ and Melanie’s first offering, ‘Fresh’, from her upcoming album of the same name.

Caitlyn and Melanie were both born and raised in the country – Caitlyn in the SE Queensland township of Gympie and Melanie in the small town of Mount Russell, near Inverell in New South Wales. Both girls were immersed in music from a young age and have some shared experiences along the way including music competitions such as The Voice and X Factor. So, it’s fitting that they have both arrived at a point in time when they can now enjoy success with their music on their own terms. What can audiences expect when they come along to a ‘Fresh From Our Sleeve’ show? Caitlyn responds enthusiastically, “This show will be full of energy and fun - we both have debut albums in the world now, as if you wouldn’t celebrate that?! You’ll hear our favourite new songs and of course, the songs you know and love already.” And Melanie chimes in, "It's a real buzz to join forces with Cait to share our debut albums with the country. It's going to be the ultimate road trip - Two great friends sharing our stories through music & girl power!" ‘Fresh From Our Sleeve’ will showcase two young artists whose stars are already shining brightly but who are undoubtedly destined to become major names in music in the near future


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