The Sports Bar

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TSB The Sports Bar is the best place to see all of this year’s Rugby league, AFL, Super Rugby and International sporting action!TSB_web_aThe Sports Bars features include:

  • Seven massive TV screens
  • A massive 65 inch LCD screen
  • Five snooker tables
  • Platinum TAB
  • A separate dart board area


Sporting Schedule


  • Friday Night Football - Action from 7.30pm each week
  • Super Saturday - Live NRL games from 5.30pm each week
  • Sunday Afternoon - Live game on from 2pm each week
  • Monday Night Football - Live game each week starts at 7pm

(Please check NRL draw for any amendments on these times)


AFL games can be seen each weekend. Check your local guides for more information.


TSB_web_bEvery UFC main event can be seen Live in The Sports Bar.

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