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Welcome to the Players Lounge!

 Your premier poker room in Western Sydney. 


ThePlayersLounge  We are running regular poker games in our brand new,
  high-end dedicated poker area. 

  ♠Please see below for the players lounge schedule. Further questions    should be directed to our friendly staff in the TGR lounge. 

  ♠Pro Series tournaments EVERY WEEK. 
Want to sharpen your skills before playing the Pro Series tournaments?     Free roll's on Mondays and Saturdays are the best time to do this           without putting too much on the line

   Please note that these tables are strictly off limit for food products. We       want to ensure the tables and chairs are here for everyone to enjoy          for years to come.
 ♠ You must be a Rooty Hill RSL member to play (sign up in TGR lounge) 




 Please note that the following schedule is Subject to Change. Please see TGR lounge staff for exact times.  

♣ Mondays

 ♥Free Roll -12pm Rego

 ♦Pro Series ($35 buy in) -6pm Rego

 ♣ Thursdays
 ♦Free Roll -6pm Rego


 ♦Pro Series ($35 buy in) -1pm Rego

♦Pro Series ($45 buy in) -6:30pm Rego

Pro Series ($25 buy in) -11pm Rego


 ♥Free Roll -12pm Rego

♦Pro Series ($25 buy in) -6.30pm Rego

Pro Series ($25 buy in) -11pm Rego


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Event 1 100K championships

Event 2 100K championships

Event 3 100K championships

Event 4 100K championships

Event 5 100K championships

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