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Have you heard the good news? Theatre is alive and well in Western Sydney – and it’s about to blow up!

The upcoming Western Sydney Performing Arts Centre (WSPAC) is a self-funded development that promises an incredible space for our more dramatic residents to put their hearts and souls on stage. The venue will seat 2,000, capable of hosting full-scale productions, featuring a state of the art flow tower, trap room, orchestra pit, dressing and green rooms. It’s expected to create around 150 new jobs in the hospitality and entertainment sector.

In our excitement for the WSPAC, which began construction last month to meet the October 2019 deadline, we’re here to list our favourite things about theatre.

  1. Audience engagement

One of the things cinema will never quite manage to capture in the same way as theatre is the value of audience engagement. During a live performance, the energy of the audience can directly influence that of the performers – and vice versa. Thereby, the quality of the show becomes a collaborative effort.

  1. No two shows are the same

Along a similar line, because of the live nature of theatre you’ll be hard-pressed to see the same show twice and not experience it differently each time. While the production may stay the same, actors may vary in performance or even ad-lib lines, adding humour or dimension to the show.

  1. Theatre is philanthropic

That’s right! Throughout history, the development of theatres has helped to breathe new life into hard-done-by communities. As a force for the economy, local theatres create jobs – both people to serve up great food, and acting roles.

The attending and participation of theatre can also contribute to improvement of academic performance, says the American Alliance for Theatre and Education.

  1. There’s no post-production

Unlike cinema, everything you see on stage is happening right before your eyes. That means no CGI or creative cuts can be used to hide mistakes or build scenes. Therefore, theatre is a more genuine experience. Furthermore, as there are no cameras for close-ups, live performers have greater pressure to express clearly – using their entire body – so that even the people in the cheap seats can follow.

There’s a genuine artistry to the production of theatre which cinema can’t quite achieve.

  1. Our favourite screen actors found their roots in theatre

Don’t get us wrong – we still love cinema! But we know we have theatre to thank for many of the greatest screen actors today. Robert Pattinson, Kristen Bell, Natalie Portman and Australia’s own Hugh Jackman are just a few of the incredible actors who started out on the stage.

If, like us, you’re counting down the days until the WSPAC is ready, why not join us for a drink to pass the time? Western Sydney’s hottest new social space, Made by the Hill, is open with cocktails, burgers and more, seven days a week.